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Roof Cleaning Will Protect Your Fairhope Roof

Roof cleaning

While one of our roof cleaning professionals from Taylor's Power Washing is expunging pesky visitors like mold and lichen, perhaps you can enjoy a day at the Rose Garden in Fairhope.

In lieu of natural disasters, our attention only seems to go to our roof when we're sitting around on a somewhat rainy day and suddenly find ourselves in need of a pan to catch water leaking from the ceiling. In some cases, a roof may just be in need of a spot repair. However, one of the best ways to protect your roof is to hire our pressure washing experts.

While some folks do a fine roof cleaning job on their own, it's not a task most people want to deal with; that's where your experienced, licensed, and insured pressure washing contractor comes in. Our team at Taylor's Power Washing know roofs and how to handle them:

  • Soft washing will prevent damage to your roof.
  • Biodegradable chemicals help wash away pollutants and contaminants safely and effectively.

Think of roof cleaning as preventative maintenance to be done annually. Dirt, grime, and other visible matter will be removed by a Taylor's Power Washing professional. While those types of accumulated debris can be gently raked, swept, and scooped away, lichen, moss, mold, and mildew require washing.

Moss retains water. If left alone to grow unhindered, not only will mold and mildew become stubborn, but the moss can grow under your shingles or other types of roofing, which can leave your roof vulnerable to further damage. While lichen doesn't retain as much water as mold, it can cause harm to your roof as well. Either way, you do not want mold or mildew from an unkempt roof seeping into your home and risk of your health or having your homeowner's insurance voided.

Your roof cleaning professional can help you protect your roof as well as prevent damage from happening in the first place. Our soft washing tools use super low pressure along with a dose of biodegradable chemicals. A Taylor's Power Washing insured, licensed, and certified professional will have your roof looking and performing as well as new again.

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If you are looking for local roof cleaning in Fairhope, AL, please call 251-298-4413 or complete our online request form.